Designing the Ethereum Towers

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Here at Ethereum Towers we take pride in our attention to detail and the levels we go to ensure that our Metaverse is visually pleasing as well as architecturally accurate. This has reached new levels with the latest architectural design phases undertaken. We are approaching this project build as if it were to be created in real life, employing real world techniques to design, render and deploy our twin structures in our very own Metaverse. This blog post will cover the methods and thinking we have used so far to create a realistic but unachievable beautiful, immersive structure, and landscape for the tower and apartments. Our approach is that of meticulous detail so that our players are proud to own, visit and showcase their apartments, making Ethereum Worlds a destination for all to enjoy. 

The Partners

One of the first tasks we undertook when thinking of the design of the towers themselves was to find real life architects that could help us on our quest for ‘metavertical’ perfection (…and yes I know it’s not a word…yet).  We engaged with several architects to try to find one that understood the importance of detailed design as well as the mammoth task of rendering a vertical building in a software generated environment. After many conversations we finally decided on RM Visuals as we felt they were the best fit for our project both in personality but also grasping our concepts and elaborating on them effectively. 

As mentioned in our previous blog post, in addition to this we have also engaged with a third party to design and deploy a 3d occupancy map for residents and non-residents to visualise, sort and seek apartments in a user-friendly way. 

The Process

Once we had decided on our chosen architects and the contracts/NDAs were signed, we set about exploring the concepts of the tower, the functionality that was desired and importantly the visual aesthetics of the apartments and the towers themselves. We met several times with RM Visuals and the key values held close to the Senior Leadership started to come through in the design. 

From the key discussions the architects generated several mood boards with multiple visualisations and designs where we could select ones that resonated with us the most. 

The Design

The helix tower design was a labour of love as we drew out different ideas of what we wanted the towers to represent. A standard rectangular tower block was too pedestrian and didn’t reflect the exponentiality of the worlds themselves. We also touched on whether the Ethereum logo diamond design could fit somewhere on the building to represent the brand. 

The resounding feeling from those partaking in discussions was that the heart of the project is the community itself. Their activity in the Discord and the potential of them residing in the Towers albeit virtually was so important that we wanted it to be reflected throughout the design. It was this concept of community that influenced the most striking feature of the design; the helix. This came about as we feel the community is our DNA

The Ethereum logo was subtly incorporated within the base of the land as it floated above the Ethereum Worlds terrain. The base of the towers pan out wider than the structure creating a feeling of blending upwards with the surrounding landscape. 

The Structure

Ethereum Towers will be two towers consisting of 101 floors, with a twist design to represent a DNA helix. As part of the floors a communal green space in the form of vertical terraces will exist creating a ‘light well’ so that all floors can enjoy natural light and outside space while at the same time uniting the floors both literally and figuratively. 

  • Ground floors will be the lobby and communal spaces that everyone can enjoy. 
  • Middle floors 1-99 will be a mix of standard and luxury apartments. 
  • Floors 100 and 101 are designated for penthouses (8 per floor). 

The Apartments

The apartments will be fully customisable within the polygon pixel pack allocated. Each apartment type will have the same amount of space. All apartments will have at least one balcony stretching to fit the room that it is attached to, luxury apartments will have dual aspect balconies spanning the communal garden areas as an addition to the standard apartment. This will give outside ‘natural’ light and a view of the Ethereum Worlds metaverse. Each one can be manipulated by wall divides to suit the requirements of the player. This means that the apartment can be designed however the user likes. 

The Outputs

So far we have three key documents generated by our architects and designers that help to visualise the buildings that we are going to create:

  • Tower Concept Design Development 
  • Occupation Map Module, Concept Document
  • 3D CGI Rendering of the external elevation of the towers


As you can see we are taking the design and architectural elements very seriously. Our aim is to make a fully immersive world that feels as though you’re in a real world in a virtual reality. Ethereum Towers apartment ownership will leave the user feeling that they own a real place that they can design to best suit their work, rest and entertainment desires. Future posts will include how we are tackling the next meaningful venture, the design and building of the Ethereum Towers native land; Ethereum Worlds. For more information please contact

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