Ethereum Towers Chooses Argentics

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Ethereum Towers are proud to announce that after considerable research, engagement and negotiation that their pre-production developers will be Ukrainian based; Argentics. They have been selected based on their extensive game development experience, blockchain knowledge, the calibre of previous clients, project ideas, responsiveness, reliability and of course reviews and testimonials. Here is a brief outline of who they are, and what they will be bringing to the Ethereum Towers family.

Who is Argentics?

Argentics is a full-service design, art, and development studio that focus on games and applications with immersive technology solutions. They offer full-cycle development; from concept and design to development and post-production support. They have released over 50 titles ranging from mobile games to desktop MOBAs. Their art is used in games such as Lost in Random, Crucible and Killing Floor 2.

Some of their previous project work has been for some of the biggest publishers, development studios and consumer brands in the world.

Notable Publishers & Game Developers: EA, 2K, Epic Games, Riot Games and Ubisoft

Notable Clients: Audi, Nike, Bacardi and Volvo

Argentics Specialties

  • Game Development – Development of any complexity and genre with both Unity and UE4 game engines (Industry-leading game engines)
  • AR & VR – Consulting on AR/VR gamification implementation
  • Blockchain Solutions – end-to-end NFT game development and web3 integrations
  • Art and Animation – Full-stack 2D & 3D art production, concepts, characters, props, environments, illustrations, tech art & FX, animations, and motion capture animation

Blockchain Experience

In the second half of 2021 Argentics branched out into end-to-end NFT game development to support the blockchain revolution and to bring players true ownership of their assets. Most of their current projects are under NDA, so details can’t be shared. However, here are a few brief descriptions of some of their blockchain projects;

Immersive exhibition platform for NFTs from a variety of different marketplaces. Users will be able to purchase thematic venues to display their NFTs. These venues could follow a particular theme/style or could be inspired by some of the world’s most prestigious venues.

Blockchain MMORPG game where users select NFT characters representing 1 of 4 races. They compete in PvP/PvE content to earn items that can be traded. Future plans include Player-owned land plots and a global map.

Play-to-earn NFT card trading game where users buy blockchain-related characters and engage in competitive PvP. Players challenge one another, earn the tokens and rise the ranks.


  • Game Design Document (GDD), an industry standard document that explores areas such as mechanics, environment, theme, art style, etc.
  • Technical Architecture Document, a document that defines technologies, platform, development modules, stack recommendations, etc.
  • Blockchain web3 wallet integration analysis
  • 3D environmental models of standard and luxury apartments
  • UI sketches of major screens

Developer Notes

Argentics has extensive VR knowledge and blockchain expertise which puts them in a prime position to add value by creating a truly immersive apartment-style experience. As you can imagine, the ink is barely dry and there are already milestones being planned and kick-off meetings being arranged, of which the results will be shared over the coming weeks. The Directors and Development Team are certain that this strategic appointment will add value and have long-lasting positive repercussions for the future of the project and in due course are sure that you will feel the same.


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