Penthouse Sale and Tenpin Bowling Royalty Moves In

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It seems like Christmas has come early this year at Ethereum Towers to the point where we’ve popped the champagne and rolled out the red carpet with two very special events taking place within days of each other. They were so special that we rushed out this blog post to keep our other residents in the loop of how things are heating up here in the (as far as we know) ONLY vertical Metaverse. 

Jason Belmonte in the House

Firstly, we are proud to announce that Australian born Jason Belmonte (aka Belmo); number one tenpin bowler in the world, has secured an apartment on the 80th floor of Tower 1. We hope that he will be very comfortable overlooking Ethereum Worlds in his very own tailored condominium. 

First Ever Penthouse Sale

Secondly, we welcome the news that we have sold our first Penthouse Apartment on OpenSea. Tower 1, Floor 101, Apartment 1 has been sold to a member of our Discord as part of a 35eth deal where they have purchased an entire floor. 

As you would imagine Penthouses are the most sought after and thus most expensive apartments across the Ethereum Towers complex. Not only do they have more floor space and can get the coveted black access card NFT. They also receive more options to personalise as well as additional owner benefits over and above the standard and luxury apartments on the lower floors. They are truly desirable dwellings here in the Metaverse and well worth the price tag in our humble opinion.


We hope that these pieces of exciting news are the tip of the iceberg of things to come for this ever growing project and we will be sharing more stories of a similar nature as and when they occur. If you are interested in purchasing an apartment in Ethereum Towers head over to OpenSea now to see what numbers & floors are available. 

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